Sinead McDonald is a Dublin based artist and digital media educator. A graduate of the Art in the Digital World Fine Art Masters at N.C.A.D., her research and practice focuses on antidisciplinary practice and the nexus of art, engineering and physics. She teaches at both undergraduate and postgraduate level at the Technological University, Dublin and is currently working toward a fine art PhD.

Her work incorporates new technologies; digital production, web based art and physical computing, alongside photography, video, and historical lens-based processes. Recent trajectories explore the sciences and collaborative practice, and how using different disciplines can help navigate and illuminate difficult and taboo subjects. She is most interested in how technologies and sciences old and new affect and challenge our perceptions, allow us to tell stories, and, ultimately, explore the most human of desires and yearnings.

She is an active member of Tog Hackerspace, Dublin, where she sometimes makes odd things, and is a regular performer/contributor at Hack Circus.